K.732.51 Differencial Pressure Gauges
K.Y40102D Liquid level pressure transmitter
K.YB.40100M ultra-high-purity pressure transmitter
K.NO Sensor
K.UNDZYB.50 Wireless Integrated Digital Sesor
K.WB20088 Temperature transmitter
Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter
Vortex Flow Meter
Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Precession Vortex Flow Meter
Gas Turbine Flow Meter
Liquid Turbine Flow Meter
Diaphragm pressure reducing valve

Safety pressure gauges

  Suitable for harsh and corrosive environment. The table is designed with a safety partition.On the back, a pressure relief back cover and a pressure relief hole are arranged to release the internal pressure caused by the rupture of overload elastic elements, thus enhancing the safety of personnel and facilities.
  The top of all stainless steel safety pressure gauges is provided with a filling plug and an internal compensation diaphragm, which can be filled on site.
  The liquid-filled safety pressure gauges are shock-resistant and damped, which can prevent damage to the inner parts of the pressure gauge due to vibration and lubricate the internal components to reduce wear and tear.
  This series of instruments are widely used in food, medicine, oil refining, chemical industry, offshore oil platform, drilling, ships and other industries.

   The performance characteristics of:
  *Ending stainless steel design with high corrosion resistance
  *Voltage measurement at 100MPa
  *Pressure relief at the back of the safety separator
  *Double protective glass with safety type
  *The measurement accuracy is + / - 1.0%
  *Ending type - dry standard type
  *Terminal YQHNA- filled liquid shock-resistant type

When the grease glycerine is mixed with chlorine, nitric acid, chlorine oxide and other strong oxidants, spontaneous chemical reaction will occur, there is the possibility of burning or explosion causing equipment damage, human casualties. When the pressure gauge is used in these situations, it cannot be filled with lubricating grease glycerin, please contact the manufacturer and fill it with the correct inner oil.

Main technical parameters
Precision: + / - 1.0%
Case size: 100mm(4.25in)
Case material: 304 stainless steel
Shell form: containment structure, baffle device after release
Pipe and connector: 316 stainless steel pipe and 316 stainless steel body argon arc welding
Core: 304 stainless steel
Connection: M20 x 1.5 or 1/2 NPT bottom connection, or back connection (radial/axial)
Measurement range: -0.1...0 MPa to 0.1...100 MPa
Finger pin: ordinary
Glass: organic glass, safety type double layer glass
Filling material: 98% glycerol (silicon oil, fluorine oil or other types can be selected)
Protection level: IP 65
Temperature: the environment and the working medium temperature should not exceed: liquid type 0 ~ 60 ≧
Normal - 40 ~ 60 ≧
Not this temperature in domestic demand to the manufacturers advisory instructions.