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K.PT3050 Refrigeration Pressure Transmitter

Product Summarize
K.P T3050 series air conditioning is to choose diffusion silicon pressure transmitter or ceramic porcelain piezoresistive sensor core body, stainless steel seamless welding products small convenient installation guide pressure needle valve design product excellent electrical performance and long period stability makes it the ideal choice for this product in the same trade completely in accordance with the demands of refrigeration compressor design and production, It can meet the needs of different industries on the demand for refrigeration equipment it can be used in such as laboratory testing instruments, agricultural chemical equipment, refrigeration and HVAC system, hydraulic system, process monitoring, gas container pressure monitoring, coolant pressure monitoring, etc

Product features and applications
Excellent anti-interference performance (EMC EMI)
excellent long-term stability
protection level IP65/IP67
obtained RoHs CE certification
application in air compressor, air conditioning, centrifugal unit hydraulic and other leading product features and applications..

Main product technical parameter
Range :-1~0~100 bar
output signal: 4-20ma;0 to 10 v;0 to 5 VDC;0.5-4.5VDC etc
comprehensive precision :0.5%FS;
overload pressure :1.5 FS
repeatability: 0.2% FS
power supply voltage :12~36V;5V
working temperature range: -40 ~ 80
compensation temperature range: -10~75
medium material: copper or stainless steel
electrical interface: special three-core plug-in
pressure connection: 7/16-20unf (customized as required)

Electrical Connection