K.732.51 Differencial Pressure Gauges
K.Y40102D Liquid level pressure transmitter
K.YB.40100M ultra-high-purity pressure transmitter
K.NO Sensor
K.UNDZYB.50 Wireless Integrated Digital Sesor
K.WB20088 Temperature transmitter
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Diaphragm pressure reducing valve

Digital display bimetallic thermometer

A fixed number of internal thread is instead of pointer thermometer bimetallic thermometer of a new generation of products, this product is much more convenient than the traditional pointer type: reading intuitive, high resolution, accurate precision, etc. This thermometer USES micro - power consumption, low - voltage large-scale integrated circuit as the core equipment.
Dial diameter: 60mm, 100mm optional
Insert depth: customizable
Installation: axial and radial are optional
Working environment: temperature, humidity
Power supply: 1.5v7 battery 2 section, low voltage display
Mounting thread: customizable
Display mode:
LED: the thermometer can work continuously for more than 1 year with only 2 sections of 1.5v7 battery. The thermometer has low voltage mark, super range display function and high stability and reliability.
LED: the 3.5-bit LED luminescent digital can also be clearly and clearly displayed. This thermometer can be installed with battery power without pow