K.Y40102D Liquid level pressure transmitter
K.YB.40100M ultra-high-purity pressure transmitter
K.NO Sensor
K.WB20088 Temperature transmitter

Refrigeration pressure gauges

Product features:
Imported high precision internal pressure gauges, imported core, imported glass, imported liquid, Special overpressure limit device. Stainless steel case, Using the environment temperature: - 5 ~ 55 (glycerine filling within the crust), and 25 ~ 55 (watchcase silicone oil filling). Anti-vibration wor

Main technical indicators:
1. Precision grade: 1.Level 6;2.5 on the Richter scale are unlikely
2, instrument nominal diameter straight male: 40 mm; 50 mm; 60 mm; l00mm; 150 mm
3. The working fluid (1) glycerin (2) silicone oil (3) is filled according to the user's requirements.
4. Working conditions:
(1) temperature: - 25 ~ 55
(2) working pressure: static load: used to 3/4 of the upper limit value
Alternating load: used to measure 2/3 of the upper limit
Short - term pressure: used to measure the upper limit
5. Connection size:
(1) threaded connection: M20X1.5 (g3/8 ", g1/2 ", NPTl / 2;
(2) flange connection:
Horizontal welding steel flanges
Chemical industry standard hg5019-58 acid-proof flat-welded steel flange
Torque can be produced according to the user's special needs