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High hydrostatic pressure gauges

Differential pressure table
Model 732.51, chemical industrial, diaphragm metal measuring chamber

Used for measuring corrosive gas and liquid places
Monitoring and control
Filter monitoring
Measurement of material quantity of closed container

Differential pressure measuring range
High work pressure
High overpressure protection
Compatible with electrical contacts and remote transmission

The special feature of this differential pressure gauge is that it has a high strength corrosion resistant stainless steel structure, a full stainless steel measuring seal, and a long life sealing associated with it

The high strength anti-overload capability is achieved by the way that the entire diaphragm can be attached to the metal bed

High quality stainless steel materials and strong manufacturing structures are suitable for process control with the chemical industry and chemical engineering as well as for liquid and gas media, and are also used in corrosive environments.

Pressure range from 0...
1.6 kpa to zero...
2.5mpa ensures various pressure range requirements
Construction and how it works
The high and low pressure of the measurement chamber are separated by the diaphragm
The bellows isolate the pressure chamber from the atmosphere
Measure the pressure differential between high and low pressure in the dielectric chamber to measure the axial motion of the sensitive element
The measuring bit movement is transferred to the core by connecting rod
The drive core converts the measuring position into pointer drive
The anti-overload performance is achieved through metal bed surface

Technical parameters
Manufacturing structure
Pressure connection radial, bottom, high strength corrosion resistant all-metal structure, measuring chamber safety seal, pressure interface location, can also be determined according to installation requirements

Table circle diameter

Precision grade

Pressure range
The scale length of about 180 can provide other equivalent pressure ranges and vacuum scale

Allowable service temperature
The environment temperature
Medium temperature

Temperature performance
There is a slight error when the temperature of the measurement system is not 20
The maximum display error is for dial calibration

Protection grade

Working pressure and scope of application
Static pressure: full range
Dynamic pressure: 0.9 full range

Standard manufacturing structure
Measuring chamber with pressure interface (contact with measuring medium)

Measuring system sensitive elements

Corrugated pipe

Side face cavity pressure relief

Transmission movement
Stainless steel

The dial
Aluminum, white, black dial letters

Pointer to the
Adjustable pointer, aluminum, black
Stainless steel with pressure relief hole
Table glass
Multilayer safety watch glass
Inlay ring
Bayonet ring, stainless steel
The installation
Press the mark symbol and install
High pressure
The low pressure
Fixed way
Rigid duct type
Measure flange mounting holes
Taking side before
Install on walls or pipes

Optimize for special types
Strong front manufacturing structure
Higher maximum static pressure and higher overpressure protection
Accuracy above 1.6
When the pressure range is 0.04Mpa, the cavity pressure is measured
Zero setting device
Connect the interface position side
Other pressure connections through internal and external threads
Differential pressure and working pressure are displayed simultaneously
Measuring medium temperature
Install on walls or pipes
Taking side before
Pressure balancing valve
Electric contact switch

Ordering Instruction
Model/Table Circle Diameter/Pressure Range/Dial(distribute the pressure or distribute the square/Maximum Air Pressure...Mpa/Pressure Connection Size/Pressure Connection Position/ Optimize For Special Types