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K.40105 intelligent pressure transmitter

Summary of intelligent pressure transmitter SWP - ST61 series transmitter on the circuit design based on microprocessor as the core and auxiliary with advanced digital isolation technology of modularization design, the instrument has high anti-interference performance and stability, and adopting digital compensation technology for the temperature, static pressure compensation, improve the measuring accuracy, reduces the temperature drift, has good long-term stability, high reliability, the diagnosis ability, etc In structure, the user easily by hand HART communication operator and the outside shell of knobs and display the button on the transmitter for configuration, setup and calibration

Pressure transmitter characteristic
Small and beautiful appearance,
light weight function of range migration and range migration than 100:1
damping: 0 to 32 seconds is adjustable, step 0.1 seconds
zero full compensation correction function
Output current multi-point calibration variables show multiple monitoring,
pressure unit optional cryogenic OLED displays (40 ~ 70 -)
output current prescribing function
Automatic diagnosis and fault alarm output function
Block with EEPROM nonvolatile memory, not afraid lose data when power supply drop and have the function of the original calibration data recovery

Through hand HART communication operator and button realize remote parameter setting on the spot and function configuration



The intelligent transmitter is connected to the computer
Power supply and load conditions: power supply voltage is, maximum load
HART protocol interface connection
The communication interface can also be connected to the transmitter at any terminal junction in the control room, field or circuit.
However, the resistance between the power supply and the contact must be greater than 250 and less than 600.
Connection without polarity.
The connection between intelligent instruments and other instruments and computers is shown below:

Key operation instructions
Single operation
A single key has two functions, "master variable zero" and "exit data recovery".
Press the button twice, press the selection function for the first time, and press the button for the second time. If the button is not pressed for the second time, exit after 10 seconds and return to normal mode.
According to key will open the meter on the right side of the cover plate, to the end, below the screen loop switch according to "ZERO" GHOST ", if must carry on the "main variables to ZERO" operation, when shows ZERO, loosen the button, then press again, this time display the number in the flash, when display the SAVE, loosen the button, the operation is completed, loosen the button, return to normal mode after 10 seconds, if for data recovery operation, when the screen shows GHOST, loosen the button, then press again, when the data recovery, a few seconds of time to recover, after will display to normal state.

Instructions for remote control
Key basic operation mode
Continue to press M key SS, enter key setting mode.
When you enter, you will first display the Settings menu. Pressing S or Z will enable you to scroll up and down the menu.
When you go to the interface you want to set, press M to enter the menu Settings.
Enter the menu and adjust the modified parameters through S and Z.
In the Settings menu, press S and Z to scroll up and down options.

Double bond operation
The function of double key operation is zero migration and full migration. Keep pressing during operation to guide the completion of operation

ZERO migration: in normal mode, press the M+Z key at the same time. ZERO is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
Full migration: in normal mode;
At the same time, press the M+S key, and the SPAN is displayed below the screen. The number will start to flash
Number modification: after entering the menu, there will be a menu of data setting. When the number flashes, press S to accumulate from 0 to 9, and press Z to confirm saving
Decimal point setting: when the decimal point behind the number flashes, press S to confirm, and the next number flashes;
If the decimal is not set, press Z again and the next number flashes
Positive and negative sign setting: when the number of symbols is set, the symbol bit flashes.
When it's negative, minus twinkle;
When a positive number!
Flicker, press S key to switch, press Z key to confirm saving, then switch the cursor to the first number, blink


Maintenance and packing instructions
1. All connections of intelligent transmitter cannot be loosened or disassembled at will
2. The intelligent pressure transmitter needs to be placed and handled lightly to prevent damage to the diaphragm and other accessories.
In case of damage requiring repair, return to our company.
Be sure to protect the diaphragm of the transmitter when returning, so as not to damage it during transportation, and pack the whole assembly in the seismic material and ship it back to our company.

Unpacking and complete set of products

When opening acquaintance, check whether the package is in good condition, and check whether the model, specification and order contract of the transmitter are consistent according to the packing list, and check whether the random attachment is complete.
Differential pressure and pressure transmitter accessories:
1) 1 copy of operation manual
2) one copy of product qualification certificate
3) one set of plug, cable plug, mounting bracket and u-card (optional)