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K.40102 wireless pressure transmitter

This integration pressure transmitter belong to HW series products used in wireless monitoring system of oil and water Wells, suitable for petroleum production storage and transportation process of oil and water Wells pressure and temperature monitoring using low-power wireless communication mode, does not need wiring, installation is more quick and safe and convenient, otherwise supporting wireless transfer equipment, can be a lot of wireless pressure signal is converted to the MODBUS standard signal by Ethernet or serial transmission, can easily access control system, has a broad should use level.

Product features
line pressure wireless test, typical application in oilfield wellhead pressure monitoring;

Design: explosion-proof explosion-proof aluminum shell, intrinsically safe circuit board system;

protection grade: IP67, fully sealed waterproof design;

ZigBee communication, made available to its configuration and test;

LCD display: - 40 ~ 70 wide working temperature range, can display the pressure data, battery voltage, the wireless channel, etc Multiple information;

installation direction adjustable: through the articulated or connector access field pipeline valve, adjustable direction;

38 ah high-energy lithium-ion batteries, long service life.
high-gain antenna, wireless transmission distance of more than 200 m
custom convenient cover, to prevent the cable joint fracture.

Technical indicators
1: measured medium: liquid gas
2:pressure range: 0 ~ 60 mpa
3 :precision: 0.5 magnitude
4: overload pressure: 150% F.S report
5: cycles: 1 ~ 12 hours Can be set
6: decimal digits: 0 ~ 3
7: signal transmission can be set: ZigBee wireless
8:transmission power: 40 mw
9:communication distance: 200 m
10: working power supply: 3.6 V lithium battery
11: explosion protection level :Exib IIB T4 Gb
12: shell protection :IP67
13: process interface: customer customized
14: working environment temperature :-40~ 70
15: working environment humidity: 97% RH
16: product weight :2000g.

Installation method
1. Determine the range of salary measurement consistent with the required pressure transmitter range
2. The thread specification of the joint installed in the process must be matched with the transmitter
3. The pressure transmitter is installed on the pipeline. First, the gate is closed, and then there are two installation methods:
1. Transfer the transmitter directly to the upper port of the gate
2. Turn the adapter or adapter into the upper port of the adapter or adapter. This installation is completed by adding the adapter or adapter to adjust the direction

Parameter Settings
1. Select "initialization" on the handwritten copy machine, and output the wireless signal, network, rental number and number to be set in the pop-up dialog box. Press the setting button to save
2. Place the magnet in the magnetic induction zone of the transmitter, stay for 6 seconds, reset the transmitter and get the parameters from the operator
3. Hear the "drop" of the hand-copied device, indicating that the transmitter parameters have been set successfully.

When the instrument cannot work normally, the user can refer to the following table for simple maintenance. If the fault cannot be eliminated, please contact the manufacturer.