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K.Y40102D Liquid level pressure transmitter
K.YB.40100M ultra-high-purity pressure transmitter
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K.WB20088 Temperature transmitter
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All stainless steel pressure gauges with bourdon tube

All stainless steel pressure gauges with bourdon tube

The shell is filled with liquid for dynamic pressure load and vibration load
It is suitable for measuring the pressure of various gas and liquid media in high demand process such as vibration
For process control industries, chemicals, petrochemicals, power plants, mines, ground engineering, environmental protection, machinery manufacturing and general machinery equipment manufacturing

Strong load - changing ability and shock - resistant ability
All stainless steel construction
Display range to 0...160 mpa

Manufacturing structure
EN 837-1
Dial diameter mm
63100 and 160
Precision grade
1.0, 1.6
Pressure range
Table circle diameter 63mm: 0...0.1 to zero...100 mpa
Table circle diameter 100mm:0...0.06 to zero...100 mpa
Table circle diameter 160mm:0...

0.06 to zero...
160 mpa

Other pressure ranges and vacuum gauges are available
Pressure bearing capacity
The dial is 63mm in diameter
Static pressure: 3/4 full range
Dynamic pressure: 2/3 full range
Instantaneous pressure: full range
The dial diameter: 100,160mm
Static pressure: full range
Dynamic pressure: 0.9 full range
Instantaneous pressure: 1.3 full range
Allowable service temperature
Ambient temperature: -40...+60 (case of non-liquid surface)
- 20...+60 (case of liquid filling of the surface)
Medium temperature: Maximum +200
Maximum +100 (case of liquid filling of the surface)
Temperature performance
When the measuring system is at non-reference temperature, the maximum time-limit error +-0.4%/10K dial is calibrated
Protection grade

Standard structure
Procedure connection interface
Crni-stainless steel 316L, outer thread radial or axial (eccentricity)
Table circle diameter 63
The diameter of the circle is 100,160

Measuring sensitive element
Material: crni-stainless steel
C-type spring pipe
Spiral spring tube

Rotate the model
Stainless steel

The dial
Aluminum, black

Stainless steel, shell above 12 o 'clock position (table diameter 63) with a pressure relief hole and diameter for 100 and 160 (table) pressure relief hole behind casing, pressure range < = 1.6 Mpa can balance internal pressure relief valve

Watch glass: multilayer safety glass

Ring: Mosaic ring

The filled liquid (model 233.50) glycerol is 99.7%

Special manufacturing method

Used in ammonia gas plant (meter circle diameter 100 and 160) with temperature scale and pressure range for refrigerant R717

Optimize for special types
Other process links
Please refer to the simple sample of chemical seal for direct installation
Monel measuring system (not suitable for back axial interface of dial diameter 160)
Measuring system stainless steel
Stainless steel front edge, back edge
Stainless steel front edge, polished
Three - edge front band, stainless steel polishing, with fixed frame

Ambient temperature, charged with silicone oil
Electric contact switch
Pressure gauges with signal output

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