K.732.51 Differencial Pressure Gauges
K.Y40102D Liquid level pressure transmitter
K.YB.40100M ultra-high-purity pressure transmitter
K.NO Sensor
K.UNDZYB.50 Wireless Integrated Digital Sesor
K.WB20088 Temperature transmitter
Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter
Vortex Flow Meter
Gas Turbine Flow Meter
Liquid Turbine Flow Meter
Diaphragm pressure reducing valve

K.DZ100 Stainless Steel digital display Pressure Gauges

Digital pressure gauges are all electronic structure, using battery power supply, easy to install on site. High precision pressure resistance pressure is adopted at the front end
The core body is processed by amplifier and microprocessor, and the actual pressure value is displayed by LCD. The intelligent digital thermometer is flexible to use, simple to operate, easy to debug and safe and reliable. It is widely used in water and electricity. Water, petroleum, chemicals, machinery, hydraulic and other industries, the pressure of the fluid medium is measured and shown.

*The scans are displayed on a dual screen and the contents are clear and readable
*The monitor main screen displays 5 - bit real-time pressure
*The maximum value, minimum value, peak value, and ambient temperature display are available on the periodic side screen
*Aspect graphical pressure percentage and battery power display
*Periodic overvoltage scintillation prompts prevent instrument overvoltage damage
*The stallion has a white back light that is easy to see at night
*Aspect 10 pressure unit conversion, international general
*The registration rate is 30 seconds per second to 100 times per second, which is available in a wide range of applications
*The autonomic shutdown function extends the battery life effectively

It can be directly installed in the hydraulic pipeline through the pressure pipe joint (M20*1.5) (other size joints can be explained when ordering)
On or on a container.

Feature Set
Keyboard Function
Switch key is the function description of S1 key
1. In the measurement mode, short press is on and power off
2. Long press 3 seconds to enter the setting mode in measurement mode
3. In the setting mode, the short press is used to modify the energy parameter, and the modified parameter flashes, and then the short press is used to modify the confirmed parameter again
Change the parameter to stop flashing.
Backlight on key is the function description of S2 key
1. The short press in measurement mode is backlight on and off
2. Long press 3 seconds in measurement mode is the quick unit switching function
3. In the setting mode, the function of setting parameter shift and subtraction is one
The "ZERO" reset key is the function description of the "S3" key
1. the short press in the measurement mode is the function of peak clearance, maximum clearance and minimum clearance. When the environment temperature is displayed on the side screen, This key short - press function is invalid.
2. In the measurement mode, press for 3 seconds to display zero clearance function for pressure zero
3. Add one function for setting parameters in the setting mode, and add one continuously for a long time
Note: to facilitate the description of Settings, all three buttons are named after their number "S1", "S2" and "S3", which are commonly used. In home and advanced user setting mode, if there is no button operation within 30 seconds, the measurement mode will be returned from setting mode.

Set the block diagram
Average user menu:

Luck: password input menu, can set the range (19999 ~ 99999), the sub-screen prompt "PIN";
Common user password is "00001";
Advanced user password is "00016";
The measurement mode will be returned automatically if the password is incorrect or no key is pressed for more than 30 seconds
OFFT: automatic shutdown time, set range (0 ~ 15);
"0" is not power off, and the sub-screen prompt "ON" means normally open.
The "1~15" sub-screen prompt is "Man", indicating the time unit is minutes
Light: backlight on time in seconds
"0,5,10,15,30,60,120,180,88" is optional
"0" is to turn OFF the backlight, and the sub-screen prompt "OFF" is to turn OFF the backlight.
"88" is normally open with backlight and the sub-screen prompt "ON"
advanced user menu:
Unit: set the user Unit, set the range (0 ~ 10), and the sub-screen prompt is each Unit.
"10" is the undisplayed unit, where "Kef" is the pressure unit "KGF /cm2";
"MMH" means pressure unit "mmH2O";
"MH2" means pressure unit "mH2O";
Sup: sub-screen display mode, can set range (0 ~ 3),
The "0" sub-screen prompt "PK" represents the peak value of sub-screen display measurement.
The "1" sub-screen prompt "LOW" indicates the minimum measurement value of sub-screen display.
"2" sub-screen prompt "HIG" indicates the maximum value of sub-screen display measurement.
"3" prompt "" said deputy vice screen display environment temperature
Speed: collection rate setting, setting range:
30 seconds/times, 15 seconds/times, 10 seconds/times, (1 ~ 5) seconds/time, 2 times per second, 4 times per second, eight times per second,
16 times per second, 32 times per second, 66 times per second, 100 times per second;
The sub-screen prompt "t/S" means "times/seconds";
The subscreen prompt "S/t" means "second/time";
SCALE: the minimum score shows the resolution, and the range (1 ~ 9) can be set
After setting this parameter, the last bit of the main screen display value will change according to this setting value

Zero: the value of Zero point screen can be set as range (0 ~ 10), and the sub-screen prompt "%"
If you do not wish to display the zero drift value, you can use this menu to shield the gauge within the range of accuracy allowed by the pressure gauge
Display value, the maximum shielding range is 1% of the range, so that its zero and full value are zero within the shielding range
Point value or full value, note: 1 word represents one thousandth.
Offset: vice screen temperature correction, can set range (10.0 ~ 10.0 ), vice screen prompt ""
When the temperature displayed on the side screen is wrong with the actual temperature, it can be corrected through this menu
Deal: display limiter switch, set range (0 ~ 1)
The "1" sub-screen prompt "yes" indicates that the overrange prompt function is turned on, when the pressure value is greater than the range
When 125% or less than 25% of the range, the flashing prompt will be displayed.
The "0" subscreen prompt "NO" indicates that this function is off.
Reset: reset factory Settings. Range (0 ~ 1) can be set.
The "0" sub-screen prompt "NO" means NO recovery factory;
The "1" sub-screen prompt "yes" indicates the recovery factory;
This function is only performed when the -end - menu exits and is saved

Set the method
1. Long press "". When" LOCK "is displayed on the secondary screen, enter" 00001 ", press "" confirm" and enter parameters
Number setting state
2. Click "" to select the menu to be modified
3. Press "" to allow parameter modification (character flashing)
4. Press "" and" ZERO "to modify the data
5. Press "" button to confirm the modification (stop flashing)
6. Select the "end-" menu and press the" "button to confirm the exit

Use the information
1, instrument storage and use of appropriate environmental temperature was 20 ~ 70 , the occasion of humidity is less than 80%.
2. Please use 9V alkaline battery (6LR61) when replacing the battery.
Ordering instructions
When ordering, the range, precision grade and interface dimension should be indicated
The quality assurance
Under the condition that the user abides by the rules of use and protection, the instrument is guaranteed for one year from the date of manufacture.