K.732.51 Differencial Pressure Gauges
K.Y40102D Liquid level pressure transmitter
K.YB.40100M ultra-high-purity pressure transmitter
K.NO Sensor
K.UNDZYB.50 Wireless Integrated Digital Sesor
K.WB20088 Temperature transmitter
Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter
Vortex Flow Meter
Gas Turbine Flow Meter
Liquid Turbine Flow Meter
Diaphragm pressure reducing valve

Explosion-proof digital display pressure gauges

Digital pressure gauges are all electronic structure, using battery power supply, easy to install on site.
High precision pressure resistance type is adopted at the front end
Pressure sensor, output signal by high - precision, low - temperature drift amplifier amplification processing, into high - precision A/D conversion
The device is converted into a digital signal that can be processed by the microprocessor
Pressure value.
The intelligent digital pressure gauge is flexible, easy to operate, easy to debug and safe and reliable.
Widely used in hydropower,
Water, petroleum, chemical, mechanical, hydraulic and other industries, the pressure of the fluid medium is measured and shown.
The characteristics of
The large-screen LCD display has high resolution and ignores value error.
The aspect peak preserving function records the maximum pressure during the measurement process
Fraud pressure percentage dynamic display, (progress bar display)
Five kinds of engineering unit selection: psi, bar, kpa, kg/c O Mpa
Cycle selects an automatic shutdown function of 1~15min.
The stallion micro power dissipates, operates in the power-saving mode for more than 2 years and continuously works for 2000 hours.
The aspect parameter correction function enables field correction of instrument zero and error value.
The charge cycle is bounded up and down
The solubility sampling rate is one time /3 seconds
Fluid pressure measurement is applicable to all kinds of gas liquids which are compatible with stainless steel

The installation
It can be directly installed in the hydraulic pipeline through the pressure pipe joint (M20*1.5) (other size joints can be explained when ordering)
In critical applications (such as severe vibration or shock), pressure pipe joints can be mechanically disassembled by micro-hoses
Decoupling note
: when the measuring range is less than 100KPa, it must be installed vertically

Operating Instructions
Fraud ON/OFF: press the ON/OFF button
The unity switch: long press the ON/OFF key
Purge peak value: press the "ZERO" button shortly
Throughout displays zeros: long press the "ZERO" key
(note: this function can only be used without pressure)
Automatic shutdown time setting: press "ZERO", "ON/OFF" at the same time, when the payment screen displays "LOCK",
Enter 1000 (short press "ZERO" to modify the current blinking value, long press "shift"), press "ON/OFF" to confirm.
The pay screen displays offt. After changing the current value to the required automatic shutdown time, press ON/OFF to confirm the return
Out of the can.
00 - continuous work.
01-15 is the automatic shutdown time.

Notes for use:
instrument storage and use of appropriate in environmental temperature was 20 ~ 70 , the occasion of humidity is less than 80%.
meter connector should be concentric flat as far as possible when connecting line.
when replace the battery, please use the 9 v alkaline battery (6 lr61).