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K.DZ40 digital display pressure gauges

The main features
*Liquid crystal display, display content clear and easy to read
*Battery low voltage prompt
*Overpressure scintillation prompt to prevent the instrument from overpressure damage
*White backlight for night viewing. The acquisition rate of u is 0.5 second/time to 10 seconds/time
*Automatic shutdown function effectively extends battery life
* It is small and beautiful
*Good quality, low price, high cost performance

Key function description
"ON" key is the function description of "S1" key: Short press is power on function when power off. Long press 5S in measurement mode is power off function. At the same time, press S1+S2 to enter the setting mode. In the menu state, press the button to enter the corresponding parameter modification state. In the parameter modification state, press short to confirm the parameter modification, and return to the menu state. Press long to change the cursor.Function description of "Unit" key, namely "S2" key:
Function of short press in measurement mode.In the measurement mode, press for 10 seconds to display zero clearing function for pressure zero. In the state of menu, short press adds one function to the menu, and long press adds one function continuously on time. In the parameter setting state, press short to add one to the value of the cursor position (in the AD1~AD5 menu, start to collect data), and short to the position of the cursor. The value is added one in a row.
Note: to facilitate the description of the setting function, both buttons are named after their number "S1" and "S2".In Settings mode, if there is no key operation within 30 seconds, the measurement mode will be returned from Settings mode.

Ordinary user menu:
LoC: password input menu, can set the range (-199 ~ 999) :
Common user password is "001";
Advanced user password is "016";
Restore factory password as "-100";
The measurement mode will be returned automatically if the password is incorrect or no key is pressed for more than 30 seconds
Lig: backlight start time: oFt: automatic shutdown time:
"Aon" means normally open;"Aon" means normally open;
"005" means 5S;"015" means 15S;
"010" means 10S;"030" means 30S;
"015" means 15S;"060" means 60S;
"030" means 30S;
"OFF" means oFF;

Advanced user menu:
DSb: displays the base value. The range (-199 ~ 999) can be set:
If the actual pressure value is not zero at zero pressure, then this parameter can be set to the actual pressure value.
DAl: amplitude limit alarm. Range (0 ~ 200) can be set:
Is the percentage value. Example "110" indicates that when the pressure reaches "110% of the range", the meter will flash to remind the user of the pressure overpressure to prevent the meter
SPd: acquisition rate, unit: "second/time" : Lig: backlight opening time:
"00.5" means a 0.5 second collection;"Aon" means normally open;
"01.0" means one acquisition per second;"005" means 5S;
"02.0" means once every 2 seconds."010" means 10S;
"05.0" means one acquisition in 5 seconds;"015" means 15S;
"10.0" means one acquisition in 10 seconds;"030" means 30S;
"OFF" means oFF;
OFt: automatic shutdown time:
"Aon" means normally open;"015" means 15S;
"030" means 30S;"060" means 60S;
The error code
In case of failure due to improper use or internal failure of the instrument, the instrument will display the fault code, and each fault code has the following meanings:
L _01: represents ADC failure;
L _02: represents S2 fault;
L _04: represents S1 failure;
If there are multiple faults, l is the sum of the above error codes. For example, _06 indicates simultaneous failure of S1 and S2.
L if the above fault code appears and the power is recharged after troubleshooting and testing, if it still cannot work normally, please contact our company.